For some organisations the prospect of automation can seem daunting, especially if technical resources or technical staff are limited. Owing to this, many man hours are spent perfoming repetative tasks that could easily be automated. There is a simple principle: "automate anything you've had to do more than twice". Doing so can optimise many complex and demanding tasks.

Automation in essence can optimise a process through scripting using various tools and techniques, regardless of the platform where the task runs. Many operating systems have integral scheduling methods in place which can orchestrate many processes, but these are sometimes very limited. There are many automation solutions on the market which can run certain scripts at certain times and often integrate with other systems to leverage technology and procedures giving staff more time to focus on tasks that add value.

It is often misunderstood that IT automation is limited to tasks such as scheduling backups but this is a thing of the past. Business process automation could range from orchestrating an entire month end close to processing terrabites of data without any human intervention, which also erradicates human error.

The following example could be a very simple business process that is triggered by human input:


The process shows how numbers can be incremented automatically in a handful of steps. Let's suppose the process needs to be automated further by taking a data file as input, manipulating it to produce another document, mailing the output document to several thousand email addresses and only perform the task on a Thursday between 9am and 11am. This is only slightly more complicated than the example above but is a very common business process that a multitude of organisations automate and when developed, use the same code over and over again.

Here at Rycroft Solutions we can help you to formulate an automation requirement, develop it and even implement it for you. We are proficient at a variety of scripting languages common to most server architectures including but not exclusive to: shell, CMD, html, php and other vendor specific languages. Similarly for our cloud and monitoring solutions, we ourselves like to use things we can program and program the things we use. Contact us today to see if we can also do the same for your business.