Infrastructure Outsourcing

One of the most expensive parts of any organisation is the IT department or the technology behind it. In many cases businesses grow but the IT infrastructure becomes over stretched or lack of investment means the hardware becomes out-of-date especially where organisations have limited or no IT staff.

Rycroft Solutions can provide an extremely cost effective solution using outsourced cloud based infrastructure for many businesses. Whatever sourcing method you require, we can provide a solution for you by offering infrastructure on a "pay-as-you-go" basis or on a short / long term lease with weekly, monthly or yearly payment options. The benefits of leasing equipment from us are that the cost can reduce tax liability substantially and also free up capital to be invested elsewhere in your business. For more information about leasing infrastructure from Rycroft Solutions please visit our cloud solutions page.

By outsourcing your infrastructure to us, we can provide you with the most up-to-date equipment and operating systems. We can automate your business processes, provide monitoring, capacity planning and even disaster recovery. Outsourcing your IT infrastructure to Rycroft Solutions will enable you to reap the benefits of a cloud based vs traditional on-premise solution.

An example of the benefits of outsourcing:

Your business is growing and your existing legacy server is being used to support an expanding user community. The server itself is located in your office, you don't have the appropriate staff to upgrade the equipment, your budget is tight and the server is prone to failure.

Old Solution

Rycroft Solutions can gather requirements for the outsourced target server, produce a new image and instantiate a cloud based equivalent using up-to-date hardware and operating systems. During a testing phase it is also possible to allow or deny access to as little or as many users as necessary using strict security rules.


Once the cloud based server has been implemented, Rycroft Solutions can offer a complete solution consisting of security groups that can restrict or allow specific access even at regional levels. We can also offer a disaster recovery backup server if high availability is necessary, autonomous business processing, monitoring with alerting and capacity planning should any of the infrastructure need to be adjusted on demand.

Complete Solution

If there is a need to increase the size of a component (highlighted via capacity planning) or if an update to the server or operating system is required, Rycroft Solutions can offer an upgrade path using outsourced cloud based infrastructure. When necessary, Rycroft Solutions can gather requirements for a secondary server to be created and depending on the server configuration, user access can still remain constant during this process. The secondary server can then have the update applied and can be fully tested whilst the original cloud server remains active.


Once fully tested, user access can then be given to the upgraded server and normal operation resumes, often with very little or no downtime. This means the second server takes the role of the production server and the original can be retired.


This seamless implementation leverages a huge advantage to any business especially where highly available infrastructure is critical. To get a competative advantage for your business, contact Rycroft Solutions today to discuss an entire outsourced solution.

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