Infrastructure Monitoring

Server and infrastructure monitoring are an essential part of any business. Monitoring provides insight into faults, can prevent faults through adequate reporting and can also provide statistical data to make strategically informed decisions about capacity planning. To minimise or potentially erradicate downtime, monitoring should be at operating system, hardware and application levels for on-premise and / or cloud based infrastructure.

Rycroft Solutions are here to help you maximise the effectiveness of your infrastructure regardless of its size through our monitoring solutions.

Some key points relating to our monitoring solutions:


Our custom monitoring solution provides support for small environments to large scale enterprises. Proactive checks can be tailored to suit all needs from hundreds to millions of checks per minute whilst collecting historical data for analysis and planning. The solution can be easily scaled using an efficient implementation which divides components into groups such as server or application. This modularity provides ease of update to large groups of entities at once to provide the availability your business deserves. Natively our solution supports Linux, Unix and Windows platforms, VMware, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server.

The biggest benefit of leasing cloud technology from Rycroft Solutions is that all of our server offerings with come complete with access to our monitoring solution at no extra cost, giving you real insight into your technology and how it runs.


The reporting that we provide gives a deep dive into your infrastructure and can also trigger alerts based on certain customisable conditions. An example of the type of information we provide in graph format can show processor load and a trigger on that processor:

Processor Load Graph

The type and frequency of reporting that you require can be completely customised to suit your needs.

Secure Deployment

In principle, our monitoring solution consists of a cloud based server which interacts with your environment to leverage statistical information. In terms of deployment, this can be achieved in two ways: direct access or via proxy. These methods are very similar but are governed by your own security requirements.

The direct access method means our monitoring server can communicate via a single firewall port using a specific source IP address to the infrastructure within your environment:

Direct Access Monitoring

The proxy access method means our monitoring server only communicates via a single firewall port using a specific source IP address to a proxy server. The proxy server interacts with all infrastructure in your environment and sends data back to our monitoring server:

Proxy Access Monitoring


Security and customer confidentiality are very important to us at Rycroft Solutions. Our monitoring solution utilises a small agent that runs each supported platform and is used to collect data. The agent has been developed to also run on devices with limited resources due to its small footprint. In a direct access configuration, the Rycroft Solutions monitoring server contacts the agent and requests specific information (e.g. CPU load, disk space utilisation). In a proxy access configuration the agent requests each check to perform from the proxy server (which obtains check details from the monitoring server) and sends the results periodically. In both cases only the exact required set of checks are performed, the results stored, and nothing else. Firewall rules are setup in both cases to lock down access between any externally facing components.


The Rycroft Solutions monitoring solution has a fully integrated process for trapping error conditions, applying a severity to them and even sending Email or escalation phone calls. Each component that is monitored can have thresholds set in order to trigger alarms to even prevent issues arising (e.g. disk space is at 80% used). Thresholds and alerting techniques can be easily setup or deployed and one of our specialists will be happy to discuss this with you further.

Capacity Planning

Gaining an insight into how your IT resources operate can be very important when trying to understand which components need to change in order to grow and also how and when to budget for such growth.

The process of projecting future capacity needs to be based on accurate historical monitoring data. Once the data has been obtained, analysis can be performed to provide meaningful insight into which areas need investigation or resources changed.

Many businesses have a good understanding of their periods of growth or recession, especially if they are seasonally reactive. Being able to project capacity accurately requires a monitoring solution that can identify exactly when IT resources change state and how quickly they are changing.

Rycroft Solutions offers a monitoring solution, if your infrastructure has been outsourced to us in the cloud or if you need us to monitor on-premise hardware and applications. Our solution can assist you in planning capacity exactly when needed and can notify you in advance of problems occuring by performing hundreds or thousands of component checks automatically in seconds.

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We are looking for organisations to take part in a free one month trial of our monitoring solution which provides real time and historic analysis of your infrastructure and the applications that run on it.

details of our standard monitoring items that are available with each of our cloud hosts (operating system dependant)
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